In this course, you will first learn about marketing and social media which will help you get deeper understanding of how these two are connected.

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What Will I Learn?

1. Introduction
Introduction to Marketing 00:00:00
Introduction to Social Media 00:10:00
The appearance of social networking websites has changed the way people interact and communicate, the way they exchange ideas and search for information.
Understanding What Social Media is all About
Social Media Marketing 00:10:00
We shall start this course by defining social media marketing and the types of social media websites that are available.
Types of Social Media Websites 00:10:00
Most people think of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter when they hear the term “social media”, but in fact this term refers to different websites that allow interaction among the users and the exchange of information through a variety of channels.
Mobile Social Media 00:10:00
According to the latest statistics, the number of users who access the internet via a mobile device has surpassed the number of desktop users, which obviously shows the overall importance of mobile platforms in the usage of social media.
The Most Important Social Media Websites
Overview of Main Social Media websites 00:20:00
With over one billion registered users, Facebook is also the network with largest amount of potential customers.
Creating a Facebook page 00:00:00
In this unit, you will learn to create a standard facebook page for your business or personal brand
Creating a Facebook group 00:00:00
Here you'll learn how to create a facebook group for your business to connect to existing customers or prospects customers
Working With Twitter 00:20:00
What differentiates this social network from the others is the micro-blogging form upon which the website is based on. You'll learn how this differences present an advantage not to miss, for business.
Use hashtags and Twitter handles 00:00:05
Hashtags are labels that allow people to discover a content that is related to a certain topic. You'll understand the proper use of hashtags to boost your tweets.
Working with Google +
Google + as a social media marketing tool 00:12:00
Additional integrations with other Google’s services, including Google Maps and Google Search makes this network a very powerful tool in social media marketing.
LinkedIn as a social media for marketing
Overview of LinkedIn and utilizing it for marketing 00:05:00
This social network is particularly popular among business professionals, so it is a good platform for B2B marketing,
Using Other Social Networks for Markting
Other Social media to consider for marketing strategy 00:05:00
You'll learn about other social networks, that are very popular, and worth implementing in your social media strategy.
Using Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr 00:10:00
YouTube, Vimeo for video marketing 00:00:05
Blogging as a social Media Marketing Technique 00:10:00
Blogging is a form of social media marketing which uses blogs to create and publish content, while establishing relationship with the readers.

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