Team Work Makes Success Easy

As individuals; people have a lot of limitations. Each person is good at some thing and bad at others.  However, you are part of the team, it becomes easier to recognise people’s full potential because one person’s is someone else’s strength. It’s the combination of these strengths that sees teams make powerful, forward progress towards reaching all objectives.

Working in Groups

An important aspect of your university studies is the opportunity to work as part of a group. Group working is used at university because it can be an effective and powerful way to learn, and is also highly relevant to the workplace. The following points highlight the benefits of group learning:

Effective learning

Group working can make study more efficient and fun. Working with others enables you to pool your ideas and see problems from different perspectives. In a group situation, you can attempt tasks that could not be accomplished by an individual, combining a variety of skills and expertise to tackle more complex and larger scale problems.

If you are working to a limited time frame, group work allows analysis to a greater depth and breadth than if you were working individually. Furthermore, group work gives you the chance to learn from each other. There are many benefits from analysing, discussing and exploring your own ideas and questions and gaining feedback from your peers.

Development of Generic Skills

Group working can provide a great opportunity to develop generic skills such as,

  • Organisation
  • Delegation
  • Effective communication
  • Co-operation
  • Leadership
  • Following

These are all valuable qualities that will be sort after and highly valued once you have left SkillStudy.

Development of Social Networks

Working in groups gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know one another. It is our way of encouraging social interactions and for developing strong social/learning networks.

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Development of Group Dynamic awareness

Group working is likely to become an important aspect of your working life. Central to effective group working is group dynamics, and practising group work at university may help you gain a greater understanding of the various factors that apply in a group-based scenario (e.g. group roles, communication, delegation).

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