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SkillStudy operates in the same manner as an Offline study institution with administrative and corporate structuring which permits efficiency and flexibility. Skillstudy operates to help unify skills learning across Africa and the World, bringing together different sets of skills across multiple channels of life directed towards improving workplace efficiency, developing excellent entrepreneurs, leaders amongst other professionals. Together with the collaborative efforts of renown institutions, organization and other corporate bodies, sharing in our vision. Together with our top instructors, we are redefining education in Africa to be skill oriented, short and precise with great levels of efficiency, making learning social, more interactive and very engaging.

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    As soon as your course is live on SkillStudy, students will be able to discover and purchase it. You’ll earn money every time a student purchases your course.

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    Help students advance their careers, learn new skills, and explore different hobbies by teaching what you’re passionate about.

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    Take advantage of our teaching resources, our support team, or join our active community of instructors to help you through your course creation process.

How It Works

Before you get started as an instructor, here is a review how SkillStudy operates

  • 1.) Register as Instructor

    Register as an instructor on our registration page. Here some basic information may be requested about you to create a profile.

  • 2.) Create a course

    After you have approved as a certified instructor, you are now permitted to start creating and publishing courses on skillstudy.

  • 3.) Connect with students

    Once your course is live on SkillStudy start sharing it with friends, family, and your followers. Use our marketing guides to help make your course a success.

Contact Our Help Center

Our Instructor Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through your course creation needs. Use our Online Help Center, a resource center to help you through the process. Join our Facebook Community and get peer-to-peer support from our engaged instructor community. 

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