Free Soft Skills Studies

SkillStudy provides you with free education brought to you from different categories, from professional workability skills, entrepreneurial skills and life skills. All you need is just an account with SkillStudy to get started.

Certification Courses

After you have effectively completed your course on SkillStudy, you’re eligible to a course Certificate to celebrate your achievement. The obtaining of certificates is voluntary. Once you pass your assessment online a certificate is immediately issued to you base on your program.

SkillStudy’s certificate are available in different categories depending on your selected program. They include

  1. Professional Certificate
  2. Advance Executive Certificate
  3. Advance National Certificate

This certificate may be digital or framed, shipped at your location.

Free Vs Paid Courses

Free courses earn NO CERTIFICATION, courses under the free category are efficient and professional, For an in depth study, we suggest that you enroll into a PAID Course if you need proof of studies to add to your CV or portfolio. you may also request a frame certificate for any of our paid course but charges may apply depending on your location.

Course Pricing Table

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