SkillStudy Research Center

We go beyond Learning

SkillStudy Research Center offers distinctive assistances to students in order to attain extra skills, on their course of preference.

We do not only build up students with essential professional soft skills or personal development, but it’s our passion to ensure students acquire appropriate mastery of the skill they pursue with skillstudy.

Research materials may be provided in variable formats, depending on the course level and course category. Such materials may include articles, videos, audios, websites, or documents in pdf, docx, doc and slides such as powerpoint.

We provide Research materials of high quality in order to produce knowledge that is applicable outside of the research setting.

Media Research for students

Media such as videos, audio books and  podcast may be issued to accelerate your learning process. This are usually  third party service referral such as youtube, vimeo among others.

Website Research Centers

Researching on websites may include sites such as forums, communities, blogs, magazines and websites such as Our listed research website provide quality information related to the course underlining it.

Group Research from forum

This may include group research based on discussion from topics in your course forum or with study mates and other students around the world currently enrolled in your course category.

Course Instructor Assistant

When an Instructor's Assistant is Needed.

SkillStudy's Course Instructors are always available to respond to critical challenges student may encounter during research. Before contacting your course instructor for extra clarification or assistants, student MUST share difficulties with fellow students in course forum.

Read Student Course Assistant Policy for more details

Live Chat Support

SkillStudy offers student live chat support, to address issues related to course research materials.

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