Skill Study Areas

At the moment, SkillStudy identifies five unique areas of study within which all Skills learning courses can be listed. They include  study areas such as Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Workplace, Technology and Life skills. Depending on what you are seeking to achieve through learning with SkillStudy, – a higher grade at school, a greater understanding of a personal area of interest, or a specific skill to apply in the workplace – choose a course within whatever area of study that suits your learning needs. You can switch between areas of study, or study different courses from different study areas in parallel at any time.

Staying Focus on your learning objective

After you have selected a prefered area of study, you now have to choose a skill study sector which breaks down once more your learning choices. You could choose to pursue a free course on SkillStudy, but for a more advanced study, you’ll need to take a paid course with greater in depth studies. Stay focus on your specific learning objective while choosing a course. After identifying you learning path, choose a specific skill and start learning.

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