Together We can Improve Africa and the World with your Support

SkillStudy is an online learning platform for soft skills training, we operate to empower, support and promote skills that will help Africans and  people in other communities of the World benefit from free education, to breed more entrepreneurs, create a highly productive people with essential workability skills. Our vision becomes limited if we don’t get support or collaboration from you to touch more lives through essential skill training.

What We Do

All supports we get from you through SkillStudy is utilized only for the purpose of promoting free education, empower entrepreneurship and improve workability for employees in marginalised communities across the Africa and the world.

Support from Learners

If you are a learner who simply wants to give back for the free service provided, or you want to assist our expansion around the world, we invite you to support our cause via a financial donation.

Improving Education in Cameroon

SkillStudy partners with institutions, organizations, university and colleges to improve education in Cameroon for a more productive nation.

Improving Education in Africa

SkillStudy works to raise an average African’s living standard through free soft skills training for self empowerment and sustainability.

Better Education, Better World

A better world commence from individual transformation through education which is free, accessible and efficient. SkillStudy’s agenda makes this possible.

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